Woman Receives Abuse, Violent Threats After CNN Tracks Down, Publicly Shames Her for Sharing ‘Russian’ Event on Facebook

Woman Receives Abuse, Violent Threats After CNN Tracks Down, Publicly Shames Her for Sharing ‘Russian’ Event on Facebook, by Charlie Nash.

CNN tracked her down and publicly shamed her for unknowingly sharing a “Russian-coordinated event” on her Facebook page.

While filming the woman, who runs a pro-Trump page on Facebook, CNN publicly shamed her for “unwittingly” promoting a “Russian-coordinated event.” …

After CNN published her full name, the woman received waves of abuse and harassment, with CNN consumers calling her a “stupid old hag,” a “traitor,” a “treasonous hillbilly,” “ugly,” and “racist trash.”

Drew Griffin and the network have not yet confronted Michael Moore, who attended a rally allegedly organized by Russians.

In July, the cable news giant hunted down a man who posted a meme on Reddit poking fun at the network. The man publicly apologized to the network.


CNN is terrible. How was this woman supposed to know she was working with Russia. They were disguising themselves as Americans. Hey, CNN why don’t you go after Michael Moore instead, one of your hateful liberal allies. He want to an anti-Trump rally that was sponsored by the Russians.

Charles (the other one):

During the primaries in 2016 (i.e. before Hillary was the confirmed candidate, and before Trump was even a serious candidate), about 97.1% of educated Europeans and worldwide politicians “knew” that Hillary would be the next President.

Putin really wanted to undermine Hillary’s credibility and integrity to weaken her on the world stage. Hence the concerted effort to discredit her in every way possible. But, Putin had no idea that Trump had even an outside chance of winning, and Trump was truly the last person Putin wanted as President.

So when Trump did win, Putin, the master-KGB-stategist, simply continued to sow seeds of discord, which sycophants like Michael Moore gorged themselves on, attending the rallies organised by the same Russians! And Putin can barely contain his delight at the way Trump is being hamstrung, and the scale of the epidemic that has become Trump Derangment Syndrome.

hat-tip Charles