Mueller’s Comic Book Indictment: How to Prosecute A Great Big Nothingburger

Mueller’s Comic Book Indictment: How to Prosecute A Great Big Nothingburger, by David Stockman.

Mueller’s 37-page comic book indictment actually unmasks — inadvertently to be sure — the distinctly un-terrifying essence of the whole Russian meddling narrative. …

Most of the cited gleanings amounted to crude word bombs, often in broken English, that presumably even Kim Kardashian’s 59 million Twitter followers could see through.

“Hillary is a Satan, and her crimes and lies had proved just how evil she is”

The lion’s share of these postings and ads probably disappeared into cyberspace like the sound of a falling tree in an empty forest, anyway. According to Facebook itself, the seemingly ubiquitous social media ad campaign depicted in the indictment was nothing of the kind. It actually amounted to just 3,000 placements at a cost of $100,000 — more than half of which were purchased after the election, and 25% of which ended-up in its dead letter office (unread). …

Besides, the overwhelming share of the pro-Trump social media postings uncovered by Mueller’s sleuths amounted to “copy and paste” relays of current partisan talking points. Thus, the indictment cites such slogans as:

“Vote Republican, vote Trump, and support the Second Amendment!”.

“Trump is our only hope for a better future!”

“Donald wants to defeat terrorism…Hillary wants to sponsor it”


It took a clandestine nest of Russkie imposters and subversives to pollute the social media with this kind of tripe?

In fact, RNC, Fox News and the Trump campaign were already saturating the internet with these messages, anyway — along with millions of pro-Trump social media activists. The 80 Russian operatives cited by Mueller didn’t add one damn bit to the massive social media messaging that was already out there.

It’s all so tin-tack and small-time:

So here’s the joker in the whole deck. It seems that the nefarious”troll farm” in St. Petersburg that comprises nearly the totality of Mueller’s case is not a Russian intelligence agency operation at all.

Instead, it’s the relatively harmless Hobby Farm of a fanatical Russian oligarch and ultra-nationalist, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who has a great big beef against Imperial Washington’s demonization of Russia and Vlad Putin. Apparently, the farm was (it’s apparently being disbanded) the vehicle through which he gave Washington the middle finger and buttered up his patron. …

Prigozhin’s trolling farm is grandly called the Internet Research Agency (IRA), but what it actually does is hire (apparently) unemployed 20-somethings at $4-8 per hour to pound out ham-handed political messaging on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. They bang away twelve hours at a shift on a quota-driven paint-by-the-internet-numbers basis where their output is rated for engagements, likes, retweets etc.

Whatever these keyboard drones might be, they are not professional Russian intel operators. …

There is every reason to believe that the entire Russian meddling narrative cooked up by the partisan hacks in Obama’s inner circle — John Brennan, Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes — was based on the amateurish machinations originating in the nondescript building pictured below.

As we will show, the Hobby Farm was no Russian state secret or clandestine vehicle of its intelligence community. To the contrary, it had been fully covered in the Russian press for years as one of numerous such oligarch funded projects designed to glorify the Putin regime and vilify the Russian opposition. …

The left has gone bananas:

The Dems had already gone brain dead on the RussiaGate matter — so they are now greeting it as a “blockbuster”, as are the talking heads of CNN and the mainstream media. Consequently, the drivel that came out of the building pictured below is being taken as evidence of a far-reaching attack on America that even rivals Pearl Harbor. …

What in the world is so hard to understand about the fact that the pathetic output of this group could not have amounted to 0.000001% of the content that rumbled through these social media channels during 2016?  …

Nobody came to the rallies and flash mob events called for by the keyboard jockeys in St. Petersburg.

Hypocrisy anyone?

The US actually spends $75 billion per year — more than Russia’s entire $69 billion defense budget — spying on and meddling in the politics of virtually every nation on earth. An outfit within NSA called Tailored Access Operations (TAO) has a multi-billion annual budget and does nothing but troll the global internet and does so with highly educated, highly paid professionals, not $4 per hour keyboard jockeys.

Indeed, the cafeterias in the NSA buildings pictured below cost far more per year to operate than did Prigozhin’s troll farm during its entire short lived existence.

hat-tip Charles