If you blow up the US Constitution, you’ll regret it

If you blow up the US Constitution, you’ll regret it, by Eric Raymond. Some in the US are getting pretty alarmed.

Predictably, the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting has triggered some talk on the left – and in the mainstream media, but I repeat myself – of repealing the Second Amendment. …

Repeal of any right enumerated in the Constitution is not possible without abrogating the Constitutional covenant — destroying the legal and moral foundations of our system. The ten in the Bill of Rights are especially tripwires on an explosive that would bring the whole thing down. And of all these, the First and Second are especially sensitive. Approach them at your peril.

I will now add a very sober and practical warning: If the Constitution is abrogated by a “repeal” of 2A, it will be revolution time — millions of armed Americans will regard it as their moral duty to rise up and kill those who threw it in the trash. I will be one of them.

Left-liberals, you do not want this. I’m a tolerant libertarian, but many of the revolutionaries I’d be fighting alongside would be simpler and harder men, full of faith and hatred. If that revolution comes, you will lose and the political aftermath is likely to be dominated by people so right-wing that I myself would fear for the outcome.

You should fear it much more than I. Back away from those tripwires; you are risking doom. Ethnic cleansing? Theocracy? Anti-LGBT pogroms? Systematic extermination of cultural Marxists? In a peaceful, Constitutional America these horrors will not be. If you blow up the Constitution, they might.  …

Who is pushing the anti-gun line?

It’s a left-wing minority with effective ideological control of the academy, show business, and the mainstream media. If it were a majority, or near one, they wouldn’t bother with the systematically deceptive, incrementalist tactics they in fact use. …

Those who think of themselves as an overclass entitled to rule their inferiors always believe they will benefit from disarming those inferiors – the “bitter clingers” of Barack Obama’s rhetoric.

The ruling elites of the U.S. were at one time continuous enough with the rest of the U.S. that they did not constitute such an overclass. This has changed during my lifetime; assortative mating and the homogenizing and indoctrinating effects of a left-wing-dominated higher-education system have seen to that.

Today’s gun controllers act as part of an elite that has talked itself into the belief that the rest of America is composed of violent, racist, misogynist troglodytes that must be controlled by the elite – and thus disarmed.


It’s easy to dismiss resentment of even legal immigrants when you’re a wealthy white computer programmer with skills in demand. To people like us, all they mean is cool restaurants.

I have been humbled, recently, by realizing that I was class-blind to the effect of mass illegal immigration on the less fortunate. The oversupply of unskilled labor is great for the price levels on the things you and I buy. It is not so great if you’re the unskilled labor. Blacks are especially hard hit.

I am reluctantly coming around to Trump’s position that immigration policy has to serve the interests of native-born Americans first and a high-minded desire to welcome the world second. This doesn’t mean clamping it off entirely, but I think it does mean only letting in immigrants who actually can compete economically with people like you and me.

hat-tip Matthew