Who has seen the Black Panther movie?

Who has seen the Black Panther movie? By Philip Greenspun.

My virtue-signalling Facebook friends (i.e., my Facebook friends) are posting pictures of themselves preparing to see Black Panther. What’s unusual about these photos is that they feature both the white social justice warrior and a person of color (unlike any other photos that they’ve posted for the preceding year or two!). Thus this is a photographic version of “some of my best friends are black”: “some of my best friends are black and we like to go see black-themed movies together”. …

Here’s a post from a virtuous friend:

Taking the kids to see Black Panther this morning… so we gave [Marlee] (our 6yo) a 10 min primer on pre-revolutionary slavery, emancipation, the civil war, the civil rights movement, and the launch of the BP comic.

From a private Facebook message exchange:

Did you see [our mutual SJW friend] doubling up on black achievements? Celebrating black panther. Two things every good liberal must do: (1) go see Hamilton and post 3 times about how amazing it was; (2) then do the same for Black Panther (the movie). …

One interesting data point is that there is a substantial discrepancy in critic score versus audience score for this movie on Rotten Tomatoes. The identified-by-name virtue-signalling critics give the movie 97 percent while the anonymous audience, without the opportunity to signal virtue, rates the movie at 77 percent.

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