Most Great American Inventors are Black?

Most Great American Inventors are Black? By Lion.

What’s wrong with these pictures?

That can’t possibly be the result of natural search algorithms.

Remember what I wrote a few days ago about how big tech companies will use their power to influence us in a liberal direction? It’s already happening.

Commenter fortaleza84:

It seems it’s not so much Google’s fault as it is the result of hundreds of thousands of students doing reports on black inventors.

Commenter Wency:

I recall having to write a school report on George Washington Carver back in the early ’90s. As far as I can tell, he came up with 100 impractical uses for the peanut that were adopted by nobody.

But I was never taught about Edison in school. The Simpsons had an episode about Edison, so it probably offered more factual information about American inventors than the school system did. Kids on TV still write reports about people who accomplished actual things.

Commenter bobbybobbob:

Google weights high traffic sites and counts links. There’s a flood of this stuff every year for black history month.

Yandex gives similar results and I don’t see why they’d be in on the conspiracy.

What you’re seeing is just a reflection of how pervasive minority worship is in the popular media.

Finally, trashman1:

Some of this might be related to human invention, such as reddit LARP’ers, including those in The_Donald sub. Not a day goes by on Reddit where there is a post with a picture of something stupid with the title “upvote this picture so that it shows up on Google image search for XXXXX”.

Just search Google images for “side of beef”. A picture of Hillary Clinton from her fall at the 911 memorial is the third result thanks to The_Donald upvoting it (the event was referred to as “Hillary Clinton being chucked into a van like a side of beef”).