Australian government senator Linda Reynolds calls for debate on mixed-gender teams in Australia’s elite sports.

Australian government senator Linda Reynolds calls for debate on mixed-gender teams in Australia’s elite sports. By Latika Bourke.

A rising star inside the Turnbull government has called for a national debate on introducing mixed gender competitions to professional sports, asking why women are segregated from competing against men in codes like the AFL, NRL and rugby union.

Linda Reynolds, who was Australia’s first female brigadier in the Army Reserves before joining Parliament, told Fairfax Media that sport should follow in the footsteps of the Australian Army, which has a target of lifting the proportion of women in its ranks to 25 per cent within five years. …

The WA Liberal senator – who is a prominent advocate of the role of women in society – has been locked in a recent war of words with conservative MPs Cory Bernardi and former SAS soldier Andrew Hastie over their opposition to women serving on the frontline of battle.

Dr William Phillips wrote this letter to the Editor of the Courier Mail on 14/2/18:

I have a wife who was sporty as a girl, a sporty daughter, and I once coached a girls’ hockey team, so I am not against women in sport.

But I’d never encourage any girl to play a full body contact sport such as rugby.

Anatomically and physiologically women are different. Women’s knee caps are half the size of men’s and women’s bones and muscles are smaller and weaker.

Due to their child-bearing pelvis, their knees are more susceptible to injury. Women have lower muscle mass, more fat, narrower shoulders and lack testosterone.

In some sport, women can compensate for their physical limitations using skill rather than physicality, but not in full contact sports. Women’s AFL and rugby are not a win for feminist equality but an example of how out of touch they are with reality.

Matildas lose 7-0 in friendly against Newcastle Jets U15 side. Sounds about right. As a 16 year old I could run a 400 meters race faster than Cathy Freeman ran for her gold medal at the 2000 Olympics, but it’s nothing special — most high schools have a few boys like that.

Women in elite sports? Sure, why not, ‘cos it’s basically just entertainment. Another PC fantasy waiting to get a bruising from reality.

Women in the military? All our ancestors, for thousands of years, were such dunderheads — why didn’t they try this?

hat-tip Stephen Harper