Iran-Backed Terror Group Claims Half-a-Million Missiles Aimed at Israel

Iran-Backed Terror Group Claims Half-a-Million Missiles Aimed at Israel, by Adam Kredo.

An Iranian-backed terror group claims it will have nearly half-a-million missiles aimed at Israel within the next year amid ongoing efforts by the Islamic Republic to transfer advanced missile technology to regional hotspots such as Lebanon and Syria, which are located on Israel’s borders.

Militants tied to Hezbollah, the Iranian-controlled terror group that operates along Israel’s northern border in Lebanon, claim they have deployed more than 70,000 long-range missiles across Syria and Lebanon in preparation for a strike on Israel. The number of missiles could grow to nearly half-a-million within the next year, according to these militant groups. …

These Iranian-backed terror proxies claim they will be able to amass at least half-a-million rockets within the next year if Israel does not take immediate action to bomb missile caches in Syria and Lebanon.

“If the Israeli enemy remains idle and does not wage war for a year, Hezbollah will deploy half a million missiles on Syrian soil, in addition to [its missiles in] Lebanon, but especially throughout Syria, so that Israel’s planes will find it difficult to target Hezbollah’s bases there,” according to these pro-Hezbollah sources.

Syrian President Assad is said to be complicit in these effort, which is being directed by Iran. …

Jonathan Schanzer, a Middle East expert at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told the Free Beacon that Iran is looking to “saturate Israel with rockets.” …

“If this report of 70,000 rockets is accurate, it’s important to note that Iran has also transferred a massive rocket arsenal of 180,000 to Hezbollah,” he said. “The strategy may now be emerging: saturate Israel with rockets from two northern fronts and overwhelm their air defenses. Israel has some big decisions ahead. The longer they wait to neutralize this threat, the more nasty that two-front rocket arsenal becomes.”

Robert Spencer:

Paid for by Barack Hussein Obama’s pallets of cash delivered to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Treason is defined as giving aid and comfort to the enemy. How is Obama not guilty of treason?

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