Why Are We Sending Aid to Pakistan?

Why Are We Sending Aid to Pakistan? by Babette Francis.

Islamic intolerance and institutionalised persecution have slashed the non-Muslim population to less than four per cent. …

In 2016-17 Australia gave Pakistan $50.7 million as “official development assistance”, and in 2017-18 it was $47.1 million.

Pakistan is noted for its double-dealing with the Taliban. It should also be remembered that Osama bin Laden and his family remained safely hidden in Abbottabad in Pakistan, a few miles from Pakistan’s large military academy. …

It is routine to hear of girls from Christian, Hindu or other minority communities being raped, killed and forcibly “converted”. One accuser’s claim of having witnessed “blasphemy” can and will prompt instant mobs bent on murder. Should the person survive they are likely to be charged and incarcerated for the same “crime. Non-Muslim men, women or children are sentenced to death for supposed blasphemies.

Muslims torch non-believers’ homes, destroy their places of worship and holy books, even burn alive their women and children – and there is never punishment for those attacking non-Muslims. … According to Islamic doctrine and which verses adherents prefer to consult, the best non-Muslims can expect is to to be resentfully tolerated; the worst to be murdered, which many are. Nor can they expect justice.

The author is not aware of even a single instance in the 71 years since the creation of Pakistan of anyone being punished for an attack on a non-Muslim man, woman or child. Repeat, not one. Fostering hatred for non-Muslims is a part of the school curriculum and inculcated at every level of the education system. Children are instructed from an early age that Christians, Jews and Hindus are enemies of Islam and a good Muslim grows up to fight them, which is said to be pleasing to “Allah”.

Many Muslim hardline clerics, politicians and even Supreme Court judges often say – publicly on national television no less – that Pakistan was made “by Muslims and is only for Muslims” with no place for non-believers.

An excellent place to recruit new British citizens, apparently.

hat-tip Stephen Neil