Let’s Face It; Social Justice Warriors are Running The Asylum

Let’s Face It; Social Justice Warriors are Running The Asylum, by James Kirkpatrick.

It’s a truth of modern post-America that criticizing Political Correctness not only endangers your career, but enables Social Justice Warriors to demand concessions from your employers.

Thus “conservative” Fox News pulled an op-ed by its own executive editor and executive vice-president John Moody which criticized the U.S. Olympic Committee for obsessing about “Diversity” a.k.a. Affirmative Action rather than the accomplishments of athletes. And now homosexual vigilante groups are demanding not just an apology, but op-eds from homosexual athletes on the Fox News website. The fact that the most rightward TV network collapsed so quickly shows how hollow American institutions have become — and how Social Justice Warriors, no matter how absurd we may think they are, really are in power at all levels of American society.

What sparked the Fox News op-ed was the Olympic Committee’s efforts to create a team that looked “more like America”. But just as the film Black Panther is being praised for its “embrace of diversity” because it is almost entirely black, what is meant by a “more diverse” Olympic team is simply a less white Olympic team. …

The FBI:

Of even more concern: the politicization of the FBI by Leftists — something which is being exposed more every day as evidence surrounding the farcical “Russian collusion” witch hunt is brought to light. As two FBI agents advised a new recruit: “Go in and think like a liberal” to pass the agency’s entrance exam.

Individual FBI agents may well be conservative patriots. But ideologically-driven Leftists claw their way to the top and then make sure to promote only their own — in a modus operandi any conservative academic denied tenure will recognize.

The old-style conservatives have been outwitted by the left:

Yet all too often, Americans simply assume certain institutions are inherently conservative and have not been hollowed out by the Cultural Marxists’ Long March Through The Institutions. Thus “Never Trump” faux conservatives … suggest we uncritically respect these institutions, even though the essence of these institutions has been lost.


It’s no coincidence [faux conservative] figures like McMullin and Flake are also fanatically hostile to Russia and appeal to memories of the Cold War. But Americans didn’t oppose Russia because it was “Russia,” we opposed it because Russia was the dominant part of a Soviet Empire that was trying to impose Communism on the entire world.

Once the nature of something changes, it’s natural for a person or a political grouping’s attitude to change as well. This applies to domestic institutions as well as international relations.

Leftists taking over:

The late Ayn Rand … did make some startling observations about how American progressives operate, especially when it comes to taking over institutions. For example, in The Fountainhead, the socialist Ellsworth Toohey essentially steals the newspaper he works for out from under its owner by making sure every position, even those with seemingly no power, is filled by one of his own ideological followers.

This process is now taking place in every institution, in every industry.