Australian ABC’s ‘talent diversity tracker’ to reflect ethnic make-up

Australian ABC’s ‘talent diversity tracker’ to reflect ethnic make-up, by Stephen Brook.

The ABC is asking its reporters to catalogue the ethnic diversity of people in their news reports.

Journalists have been pres­ented with an online form that asks reporters to list the “talent” interviewed in each news report, such as “non-European females” “European males” and “indigenous males”.

The ABC said it had started the initiative, known internally as the “on-screen diversity tracker” because of academic research showing that the media fails to reflect accurately the true ethnic make-up of society.

ABC managing director Mich­elle Guthrie has made a commitment to diversity one of her central ambitions at the nat­ional broadcaster, and has a goal for the ABC to “look and sound like Australia”. …

In August, the survey revealed that white males were over-­represented in news coverage: 64.1 per cent of the people ­interviewed by reporters who had completed the tracker were male; 35.9 per cent were female; 82.2 per cent were European; 8.9 per cent were non-­European and just 8.9 per cent were ­indigenous.

How about reflecting the true intellectual or political make-up of society? Or even just of taxpayers? You know ABC, we the majority don’t hold your PC perspective but we rarely appear on the ABC except to be mocked or belittled.