India fines Google $21,000,000 for “indulging in practices of search bias”

India fines Google $21,000,000 for “indulging in practices of search bias”, by the Economic Time of India.

In a 190-page order, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) said Google abused its dominant position on three counts that largely relate to search, while no foul play was seen in case of advertising. CCI imposed a penalty amounting to 5% of the average revenue generated from India over the three years to FY15

Robert Spencer:

This article notes how Google manipulates its searches to favor its own products and partners, but it doesn’t touch on Google’s even more insidious practice of manipulating its searches to favor its own ideological biases, which are, of course, hard-Left.

Last year, Google changed its searches on Islamic topics to push Islamic proselytizing and propaganda. For years, Jihad Watch was the first result that came up when one searched for “jihad” on Google; that was when Google search results were based on subject congruence and popularity of the site. But now, when one searches for “jihad” on Google, the first few pages are full of Islamic apologetic nonsense about how Islam is a religion of peace; Jihad Watch doesn’t show up until around page six.

hat-tip Stephen Neil