Pelosi Is Entranced By 3 Million ‘Dreamer’ Illegals, Insults Americans’ Children

Pelosi Is Entranced By 3 Million ‘Dreamer’ Illegals, Insults Americans’ Children, by Neil Munro.

“Illegal immigrants are a blessing, they are doing what the Founding Fathers would wish, they are the best of the best, more American than Americans, reinvigorating, they are fabulous, beautiful, and patriotic, yes, very patriotic.”

That is just some of the praise and flattery heaped upon illegal immigrants by the top Democratic legislator in the House during an eight-hour floor speech on Wednesday.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s emotional praise for the illegals underscores the Democrats’ growing reluctance to favor Americans over foreigners. …

Pelosi’s speech also shows how President Donald Trump’s America First 2016 campaign platform has pushed angry Democrats to embrace a political strategy of “Foreigners First” — regardless of the huge economic and civic costs paid by Americans, and just months before Americans vote in the November midterm elections. …

In an amnesty-focused election, Pelosi’s emotional and unguarded speech will provide plenty of material for TV attack ads aimed at swing-voting Americans, at debt-burdened college grads, working-class African-Americans, at parents worried about their children’s college chances and at any others who worry about the Democrats’ preference for illegals over Americans. …

Pelosi’s speech did not include any suggestion that she would deny support for the next wave of illegal immigrants, or for any subsequent waves. …

Pelosi lavishly praised the foreigners who illegally smuggled their children into the United States so they could use Americans’ schools and hospitals, culture, and roads, regardless of the cost on lower-income Americans who have struggled in crowded schools and swamped labor job markets.

The facts are not with Pelosi:

Pelosi chose to focus on the few ‘dreamers’ who have graduated from college because the available data shows that the vast majority of ‘dreamer’ illegals work in low status, low wage, unglamorous work.

In fact, universities admit that the ‘DACA’ approved illegals graduate college at one-quarter the rate of Americans. Other data shows that young ‘dreamer’-age illegals commit crimes at twice the rate of Americans, that roughly one-quarter of ‘dreamer’ illegals are unable to speak English, and that most work in blue-collar jobs where their high numbers allow companies to lower the wages paid to the Americans in the same workplace.

Foreigners first, ahead of native deplorables, sounds like a drive for more leftist voters. It seems to come down to:

  • Trump Republicans: America first!
  • Democrats: Foreigners first!

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific