Trump is a giant of our age

Trump is a giant of our age, by Peter Smith.

We depend on a free, fearless press. But this time around the US mainstream press is in the tank for the Democrats and for corrupt law enforcement practices. They are part of the Inquisition.

How can sense be made of what is going on in the greatest, freest democracy the world has ever seen or, the way things are going, will ever see? This is how.

First, America and, in fact, the rest of the Western world is being white-anted from within by a coalition of people without patriotism. You can variously call them postmodern leftists, latter-day Marxists, greens, globalists, and LGBTQI activists. …

Their intent is to tear down traditional (family and Christian) values and Western nation states with them. They have largely taken over what used to be working-class political parties; and have infiltrated the media, schools and universities and, tragically, churches. With them, truth doesn’t matter, only their loathsome agenda matters.

Second, Trump stands head and shoulders above the limp-wristed excuses for leaders elsewhere in the Western world. And, calamity, he is ‘winning’, as he said he would. He represents a real and present danger to those prosecuting the loathsome agenda. His success is their nightmare. When you saw Democrats glumly sitting on their hands throughout Trump’s brilliant State of the Union speech, you saw a glimpse of the dark side which is our lot if he fails. They will stop at nothing to get him.

He is a giant of our age. This gives me a glimmer of hope. But the opposing forces are ruthless and operate outside of the anchors of truth and morality. Deceiving a FISA court judge is a bagatelle to them.

hat-tip Stephen Neil