How Progressives Use Race as a Weapon Against Our Country: Civilizations die when they cease to believe in themselves.

How Progressives Use Race as a Weapon Against Our Country: Civilizations die when they cease to believe in themselves. By David Horowitz.

The Declaration of Independence is a proclamation of the equality of individuals, whatever their race, creed or origin, and it asserts their inalienable right to liberty. This statement of national principles is unprecedented in the five thousand years of previous human history.

Most important is the American Founding’s view of its citizens as individuals, rather than defined by memberships in racial, ethnic, and gender groups. For this reason, the words “white,” “black” “male” “female” “slave” do not appear in the Constitution. The guarantee of individual rights to equality and liberty is the inspiration that created the culture and country that led the world …

One might expect the election of America’s first black president to mark a culminating point in this remarkable, unique legacy — particularly since white Americans made up 56% of his winning coalition. In evaluating this statistic, bear in mind that there are no elected white presidents of majority black countries, or Asian countries. … It led to greater racial and ethnic tensions. That is because Obama was a lifelong political leftist who openly rejected this view of American exceptionalism … Obama is the leader of a political movement that is at war with America and its achievement.

Obama promised to end American exceptionalism, and make the US like all the rest:

On the eve of his election Obama predicted that, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” as though America was so deeply flawed as to require a “fundamental” transformation. … In a subsequent statement, near the end of his second term, Obama explained why. In his view not only was America not a beacon of equality and freedom, but was instead a racist society in practice and also by nature. …

The left is pushing race in its quest for votes:

With the election of Donald Trump it has reached unprecedented levels of self-condemnation. America it is said, is a “white supremacist society” – a claim that would have been dismissed out of hand as an absurdity during the previous administration when the chief law enforcement officers of the land, the head of the president’s National Security Council and the president himself were black.

Today, however, the Democratic Party is home to constituencies and organizations promoting this defamation, however ludicrous and disregardful of the reality. In their official party platform, Democrats speak of “systemic” and “institutional racism,” even though systemic and institutional racism were explicitly outlawed over half a century ago in the Civil Rights Acts. …

The left has become anti-white:

The curricula of American schools originally designed to educate the citizens of a democracy are increasingly devoted to the doctrine that whites are racists, that America oppresses “people of color,” and that “whiteness” is a socio-political “construct” which must be abolished. … Nor is this a view confined to students and their teachers, but rather one with broad currency among the nation’s intellectual elites. …

But does “people of color” even define a coherent group with a common social identity that can serve as a marker separating oppressor from oppressed? Tell that to the Rwandans, who are all people of color but are divided as Rwandan Hutus who carried out a genocide against the Rawandan Tutsis, or the Pakistanis and Indians who share a skin color but are at war against each other, or the ISIS slaughterers of Egyptian Coptics and Islamic Sufis, Arabs all. To the left these are all “people of color,” therefore oppressed. This bastardized term’s sole purpose is to divide the world into oppressors and oppressed: white people and non-whites, so that white people can be demeaned and attacked.

This racist view is behind every assault by the left against America today….

Black Lives Matter condemns America as a “corrupt democracy” and “white supremacist system,… built on Indigenous genocide and chattel slavery,” and claims that it “continues to thrive on the brutal exploitation of people of color”; that blacks are routinely “dehumanized” and rendered “powerless at the hands of the state, … deprived of [their] basic human rights and dignity,” and targeted for “extrajudicial killings … by police and vigilantes.” …


This is the nature of the assault on America. It is racist and collectivist, eliminating individuals in favor of groups, laying guilt on some because of their membership in groups and removing guilt from others for the same reason.

Yet despite this historical catastrophe so close to hand, the same destructive ideas are already deeply embedded in the nation’s culture and politics. America does not deserve this. Over two centuries it has shaped itself into the most tolerant and inclusive society of its kind in the world.

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