THE RIGHT’S SPIN: Watergate X1000: What The MSM Is Hoping you Ignore About the FISA Memo

THE RIGHT’S SPIN: Watergate X1000: What The MSM Is Hoping you Ignore About the FISA Memo, by Lucian Wintrich.

With the release of the memo, we finally have proof that … the Clinton machine, powered by the Obama Administration, using the DNC as its main appendage, funded the creation of a false dossier, that they simultaneously leaked to the press and sold to the FBI, and then pressured top government employees to turn that into a FISA warrant, and more broadly into what the MSM refers to as the “Russia Investigation”.

Do you remember following each step of the way? When the MSM was telling you that the Clinton investigation would be dismissed, that “Trump/Russia collusion” was what you really needed to be worried about? Well – again – with the release of this memo, it proves that the entire narrative was paid for by the DNC, okayed by Obama, and then funneled to the left-controlled mainstream media. …

Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and the DNC manufactured a completely false dossier, which led to the United States government, under the Obama administration, spying on Trump staffers. The DNC paid for the Steele dossier and then used their Obama administration contacts to say that it’s grounds for an investigation. … The information from the ongoing investigation … was then illegally leaked to the press in an attempt to steer public opinion toward the impeachment of now elected President Trump. …

The memo is exactly what all of the voices on the Right were shouting about and reporting on for a year. We were called “conspiracy theorists” and were labeled tinfoil hat-wearing fools by the mainstream media – and yet we were right. …

The mainstream media colluded with the DNC who were colluding with the FBI, and Clinton is at the center of it all.

These supposedly neutral government agencies acted and functioned as wings and branches of the DNC under the Obama administration and now they’re a deeply entrenched machine that’s proved difficult to break up. Heads need to roll and a restructuring of all these departments needs to be seen if any restoration of trust in our government is to happen. …

What president Obama established is a precedent of abuse that can lead to tyranny. Had Hillary Clinton been elected and then another Democrat after her, the cycle would be complete and the Democrats would have secured a tyrannical, monopolistic control over the nation.

Commenter joelobryan:

The unethical behavior (and maybe illegal behavior) occurs because those perpetrators do not think they will ever get called to account.
Clinton-Obama crimes and the IRS-EPA-DOJ bureaucrats all expected they wouldn’t get caught or that even if exposed, like Lois Lerner, they would not be investigated or prosecuted. And the Left-biased media remains quiet as in the WaPo’s “Democracy dies in the darkness” mantra apparently only applies to Republicans.

Similar unethical data manipulation behavior at NOAA and GISS happens because those involved believe they won’t get caught or investigated.

Those assumptions are now being challenged by a Trump Presidency they have actively tried to unseat.

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