Labor pledges to fly Aboriginal flag permanently on Sydney Harbour Bridge

Labor pledges to fly Aboriginal flag permanently on Sydney Harbour Bridge. By The Australian.

Radio broadcaster Alan Jones has accused NSW Labor leader Luke Foley of “the most divisive’’ act possible for pledging to fly the Aboriginal flag side-by side the Australian flag permanently on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Jones condemned Mr Foley for the promise predicting the state Opposition leader had dug his political grave. …

Aboriginal Flag carried in an Invasion Day protest march (Redfern, Sydney), 26 January 2018.

State Labor today backed a campaign by Kamilaroi woman Cheree Toka to have the Aboriginal flag fly on top of the famous landmark 365 days a year rather than the current 15 days. Ms Toka, 27, who has spent the past year campaigning, has amassed almost 75,000 signatures via the online platform,

Mr Foley promised [on Jones’ 2GB radio program this morning] if he won the next election, the indigenous flag would be raised everyday from the Bridge. “We should all be proud of 60,000 years of indigenous history here,” he said in a statement. “Flying the Aboriginal flag on the great arch that defines Sydney around the world is an appropriate expression of that pride.” …

Mr Foley said he had listened to the 70,000 plus people who had signed Ms Toka’s petition, prompting Jones to ask: “How many people live in NSW, Luke?’’

“There’s 8 million,’’ Foley answered.

“Are you governing for the majority of NSW or for the minority?’’ Jones asked.

“We’ll see at the election,’’ Mr Foley said. …

NSW Labor has also pledged to establish a treaty recognising traditional indigenous ownership of the state while acknowledging the wrongs of the past.

All groups are encouraged to have racial identity, except whites, under the identity politics espoused by the new left. It’s “not racist” when non-whites do it, but “racist” when whites do it — according to the left.

By the way, the aboriginal flag was invented/designed in 1971.