Trump 2020? Yes!

Trump 2020? Yes! By John Hinderaker.

When the 2016 primary season started, there were 17 Republican candidates in the field. In my estimation, Donald Trump ranked somewhere between #15 and #17. … I worried about whether he was conservative enough to be the Republican nominee, but I was never a Never Trumper. And I was one of the few who predicted that he would win the election.

A year into his administration, I am impressed: so far, Trump is obviously, in my view, our best president since Reagan. And based on his first year in office, he might be even better.

We have a long way to go before Donald Trump is ranked with the Gipper. For one thing, he will have to win a second term. I have wondered about that. Does Trump, already 71 years old, even want to serve eight years as president? That question was answered, seemingly, today, as President Trump announced that digital strategist Brad Parscale will be his 2020 campaign manager.

Success has many fathers.

Time to Go Ask Your Local Progressive Bakery to Bake an NRA Cake

Time to Go Ask Your Local Progressive Bakery to Bake an NRA Cake, by John Ellis.

In a rush to out-virtue signal their competitors, businesses are cutting ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA) right and left. Well, really, just left and left. In the most egregious example, late last week the First National Bank of Omaha tweeted, “Customer feedback has caused us to review our relationship with the NRA. As a result, First National Bank of Omaha will not renew its contract with the National Rifle Association to issue the NRA Visa Card.” …

Under the new rules, business owners have to conduct their business according to the ever-shifting ideology of SJWs. … Business owners who are conservative Christians and who desire to operate their business in a way that honors the God of the Bible have found out the hard way that they are not allowed to do that. Examples abound of bakery owners who have lost their business because they couldn’t, in good conscience, bake a cake for a gay wedding.

Keep in mind, the business owners are discriminating against an event, not a person. As far as I know, all of the bakers sued out of business have graciously and even happily baked cakes for LGBTQ individuals for things like birthday parties, graduations, etc. …

Sadly, I’m fairly confident that at some point in the near future, a Christian baker is going to be dragged into court for failing to bake a cake celebrating an abortion. …

I normally shy away from this kind of activism, but at some point conservatives need to begin pushing back. To that end, here’s what I encourage:

An NRA member needs to find the most progressive bakery he can, and then request an AR-15-shaped cake for a Second Amendment celebration. Walk into the store wearing an NRA shirt and hat. Openly carry a gun if you’re legally allowed. Ask for the top of the cake to be decorated with words like “In celebration of the NRA.”

A Tidal Wave of Refugees Is Coming

A Tidal Wave of Refugees Is Coming, by David Goldman.

Harden your hearts.

According to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, 68 million people around the world are or at risk of becoming refugees. The migration of a few million people has already turned the European Union inside out and motivated the election of an America-first presidency.

What we have seen so far, though, is nothing compared to what is to come.

Fertility is declining in almost all the educated and prosperous parts of the world, notably including East Asia. But it remains extremely high in the least-educated parts of the world with the worst governance and the poorest growth prospects.

At constant fertility, the number of people aged 20 to 30 years will grow from 1.2 billion to almost 4 billion over the present century, and all of the growth will occur in Africa and South Asia (notably in Pakistan, where total fertility is 3.6 children per woman vs. 2.4 in India). Africa will be the main source of new young people. …

The problems of sub-Saharan Africa (as well as Pakistan and other troubled countries) are physically too large for the West to remedy: The sheer numbers of people in distress soon will exceed the total population of the industrial world.

That means that there is a point in time at which the most devout pussy-hat wearing, virtue-signaling, politically correct liberal will pretend not to notice millions of starving children dying before his eyes. …

The mass of human misery headed towards the industrial countries simply is too great for us to bear. It is hard to see how humanitarian catastrophes of biblical proportions can be avoided.

Florida school shooting was an entirely predictable outcome of intentionally followed policy

Florida school shooting was an entirely predictable outcome of intentionally followed policy, by sundance. Deliberate policies of the Sheriff and School Boards, inspired by an Obama Executive Order, helped create the school shooter and the environment in which to do his evil work.

In April of 2012 Jesse Jackson began to promote the principle: “we must stop suspending our students.” Three months later, in July of 2012, President Obama signed an executive order establishing the basic outline of what later came to be known in Broward County as “The Promise Program.” …

Sheriff Israel and Superintendent Runcie’s implementation of the Broward Promise Program was easy; just stop arresting students and the statistics would be great. As the statistics improve so too does the financial reward from federal grant monies.

While Sheriff Israel and Superintendent Runcie were garnering praise for the results of their program, Parkland school student Nikolas Cruz was a simultaneous benefactor as his anti-social and violent behaviors were being ignored. …

The fact that Nikolas Cruz was able to exit high school without a police record, then began amassing weapons, and eventually became a school shooter killing 17 students and staff; is an outcome of strategic policy, not incompetence.

While Nikolas Cruz was being ‘handled’ and not documented, the Sheriff’s police force was conducting diversity training seminars, de-escalation meetings, and sensitivity training exercises. The last active shooter training was somewhere around 2006. …

There is no actual mechanism to stop Broward county officials from carrying out their ideological objectives. Social Justice has replaced Law Enforcement. The sheriff is essentially untouchable until his next election – which he will likely again win easily; the School Superintendent is protected by the political apparatus willing to sacrifice a few dozen residents to retain the ideology; the school board and county officials are all part of the political apparatus; the mayors are appointed not elected; the district attorneys are all-in on the program; and the judges come from the ranks of the attorneys…. so, don’t expect changes.

Poll: Americans Blame Gov’t For School-Shooting Failure in Florida, by Neil Munro.

The pollster [Rasmussen, 1,000 adults] asked:

Which is more to blame for the mass shooting at the Florida high school? The failure of government agencies to respond to numerous warning signs? The lack of adequate gun control?

Fifty-four percent of all adults blamed government failures, while 33 percent blamed the lack of gun control. Eleven percent says “something else.” …

The highest-ranking subgroups in the 33 percent who blame the lack of gun control were 50 percent of Democrats, 48 percent of people who earn more than $200,000 per year, and 36 percent of unmarrieds.

hat-tip Paul

More Than 100,000 Non-Citizens Are Registered Voters in Pennsylvania

More Than 100,000 Non-Citizens Are Registered Voters in Pennsylvania, by Katherine Rodriguez.

More than 100,000 non-U.S. citizens are registered voters in Pennsylvania, according to testimony contained in a lawsuit demanding that the state admit its problems when it comes to non-citizen voting.

Are a mere 100,000 voters significant? Yes:

Donald J. Trump has won Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes. Trump has 44,292 more votes than Hillary Clinton, with 100 percent reporting.

The Democrats in the US prevent voter ID wherever they can.

Reader Charles:

All this does is illustrate why Democrats are in favor of open borders and illegal immigration. In the last election the Democrats called middle class Americans deplorables. What will the Democrats do. They will simply flood us with a permanent underclass of illegal immigrants that will vote solidly Democrat. That is why the Democrats won’t make a DACA deal. They are unwilling to give up chain migration. The Democrats really don’t care about these people; they just want their votes.

hat-tip Charles

Denmark plans double punishment for ghetto crime

Denmark plans double punishment for ghetto crime, by the BBC.

The Danish government plans to double the penalties for crimes committed in deprived “ghetto” areas, where immigrant numbers are above-average. …

The government lists 22 areas as “ghettos”, where more than 50% of residents are non-Western immigrants. …

Danish legal expert Birgitte Arent Eiriksson, quoted by the news website The Local, said the double punishment plan risked violating the principle that “everyone is equal before the law”. …

The government is also trying to tackle “parallel societies”, targeting immigrants who resist integration with local Danes, preferring to stick to their own traditions.

The Danish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Interior says the country has about half a million inhabitants with non-Western backgrounds — 10 times more than in 1980.

It estimates that 28,000 immigrant families “live in a parallel society”, and the proportion who do so reaches about 50% in “ghetto areas”. The largest ethnic groups in that category are Somalis (44%) and Lebanese (41%), the ministry says.

Bland UK Conservatives are blind to maverick Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal

Bland UK Conservatives are blind to maverick Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal, by Janet Albrechtsen.

Professional politicians are killing modern politics. … Gone are people with real-world experience. And when politicians haven’t had a real job, it’s no surprise that they’re disconnected from what matters most to the voting public. In this vacuum, straight-talking Corbyn and Trump make sense. …

May has become Corbyn’s most effective enabler. … No cut through. No real sense of what she believes in. Trying to look more human last week on ITV’s This Morning! May gabbed on about the critical need for a review of university tuition fees. Meanwhile Corbyn promises to get rid of tuition fees. Tories can’t possibly outbid Corbyn, but at least try a passionate rebuttal, pointing out that no fees are a boon for the rich and a hit to every low-income taxpayer. Instead, May sat quietly, brow furrowed, mumbling about being determined to jolly-well get on with her job. …

Last year, the party of Thatcher couldn’t even launch a spirited defence of Uber, its 40,000 drivers and 3.5 million users of its app, which is disrupting the London cab monopoly. Instead, Labour mayor Sadiq Khan has been bringing Uber to heel.

It’s not enough for the Tories to counter Corbyn’s crazy socialist policies, be it rent control or renationalisation, by alluding to the disasters of the 1970s when his most ardent supporters were born in the 90s. Corbyn is resonating because Tories can’t rebut his policies with enough courage and conviction, and because his critics have cried wolf too many times.

The May government is right that Corbyn’s policies will be disastrous for the British economy. So was Bobby Vedral, the London-based Goldman Sachs partner who recently said: “If we have Corbyn, we have Cuba without the sun.” But most Tories and almost every corporate head honcho said a vote for Brexit would cause immediate economic ruin, and now Brexit is official government policy and the economy is fine. …

Both Trump and Corbyn have attracted ridiculous slurs, with each affront only cementing their popularity with supporters. It lets both men point to a media monolith that is out to get them. Recent claims by Corbyn’s opponents that he sold secrets to communist spies during the Cold War, accusing him of “betraying his country”, comparing him with Kim Philby, a proven traitor, are backfiring. The May government looks desperate and Corbyn has another chance to promise that change is coming, this time pointing the finger at billionaire press barons.

The rise of this radical socialist is bad news for Australia. Bill Shorten may be the poor man’s Corbyn, but Labor is steadily ahead in the polls here because even Shorten’s opportunistic brand of class-war politics is resonating more than blancmange managerialism from the Turnbull government.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific