London: Hunting down the thought criminals while violent crime surges

London: Hunting down the thought criminals while violent crime surges, by Christine Douglass-Williams.

Once again, London mayor Sadiq Khan is promoting an irresponsible brand of “diversity” over the interests of Londoners. Despite the surge in violent crime “overtaking England and Wales — and Britain’s multicultural capital, in particular,” Sadiq Khan is blaming the surge in recorded violent crime on falling police numbers.

However, guess where he intends to allocate more police resources toward, as a top priority? Hate crimes. “Evidence suggests that pressure from Khan and politically correct police chiefs is leading to significant resources being redirected” towards “crimes” such as “offensive communications,” largely in social media. …

Even before Khan’s election as mayor, his “dealings with Islamic extremists” raised doubts “over his suitability as London’s next mayor,” a position that he should not have occupied, as he has been pushing a clear agenda. His other mischief includes:

  • endorsing anti-Semites, defending 9/11 terrorists, and defending an al Qaeda member.
  • playing the victimology narrative, to the point of cautioning Westerners to play by the rules of Islamic supremacists, so as to not upset them to the point of joining jihadi groups.
  • calling deadly jihad attacks “part and parcel” of life in a big city.
  • calling progressive Muslims who want to live in unison with Westerners “uncle Toms.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil