Scientists Get Buried In Snow At Davos While Lecturing On Global Warming

Scientists Get Buried In Snow At Davos While Lecturing On Global Warming, by Michael Bastach.

Scientists have once again set up a mock Arctic base camp to educate world leaders about man-made global warming at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. …

Davos has seen frigid temperatures along with about six feet of snow in the last six days.

There was so much snow, authorities evacuated some neighborhoods due to avalanche concerns, CNBC reported. Global elites headed to the conference had to force their way through heavy snow drifts.

The left wing Politico applies spin:

Yeti eats Davos Man: Snowmaggedon tripped up opening of annual elite networking fest. By Ryan Heath.

It took more than Donald Trump to defeat Davos Man. It took three meters of snow.

Who would have thought it: Snow in Davos! It’s only Europe’s highest town. …

Like a Trump metaphor from the skies, the Davos snow-in proved that just-in-time supply chains don’t just hurt Rust Belt towns, they hurt CEOs and ministers too.

From the Wentworth Report’s correspondent:

This year we have had record amounts of snow in Switzerland. The railway line is closed to Davos because of the danger of avalanches. The road has only limited capacity.

Davos, normally 10,000 inhabitants, is guarded by 7,000 police and Swiss army and airforce.

Because of all checkpoints and snow this year, it takes about three hours for the last 30 km from Lanquart to Davos. The only reasonable way to go to Davos for the elite is by helicopter.

Interesting to see how the Trump-force will travel. It is reported on Swiss TV that the US-government group is about 1,500 people, including Secret Service. There are about 200 private jets waiting for parking slots in Zürich, Friedrichshafen, Sion, Milan, Bergamo etc.