Democratic Trump

Democratic Trump, by Steve Sailer.

After one year in office, is Trump starting to hit his stride as president?

Most notably, Trump outmaneuvered the Democrats in the first phase of the immigration struggle, leading Senate Democrats to shut down the government on Friday but then, in humiliation, reopen it on Monday.

Why? Senate Democrats are facing trouble in 2018 because so many of them happened to get elected during the 2012 Democratic wave when lots of Obama’s Coalition of the Fringes could be cajoled to show up for the glamour of the presidential election. In contrast, 2018 will be an off-year election, like 2010 and 2014, when solid-citizen Republicans normally make up a larger share of those who bother to vote. Perhaps the Trump excitement will inspire Democratic voters this fall, but in the meantime, Democratic senators in swing states didn’t like the shutdown’s message that their party prioritized illegal aliens over American citizens.

And the more the public hears actual debates about immigration policy, the more it sides with Trump. As I’ve been pointing out, the Democrats and the media have been drifting toward the bizarre extremist posture that the American people do not even have the democratic right to limit immigration. Why not? Because any choice of some immigrants over other immigrants would be discrimination, and thus the borders must be open to everybody not wearing an ISIS suicide belt while deplaning at JFK. …

In contrast to the Democrats’ anti-democracy fanaticism on immigration, Trump’s intuitions are moderate and sensible. He and his immigration policy adviser Stephen Miller expect to eventually grant amnesty to approaching a million DACAites who qualified under Obama’s regulations (but perhaps not the several million who didn’t). In return, however, they want the Democrats to concede to reforms of America’s much-abused immigration laws.

A Harvard-Harris poll conducted late last week found 65 percent of the public agreeing with Trump’s basic stance of amnesty for DACAites in return for funding Trump’s wall, ending the more absurd privileges of chain legal migration, and dumping Ted Kennedy’s Diversity Visa Lottery.

Trump has revitalized American democracy:

It’s comical that so many have denounced Trump as an “authoritarian” whose election threatens that “democracy dies in the dark,” as Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post claims.

In reality, of course, Trump’s administration is the most public in memory. Comedians are making jokes about the president for the first time since 2008. Americans are enthusiastically arguing over politics. Trump, love him or hate him, has revitalized democracy.