Zimbabwe abuses Americans saving it from mass starvation

Zimbabwe abuses Americans saving it from mass starvation, by David Archibald.

Foreign Policy, a magazine in the stable of the Washington Post, just published an article complaining about how mean the Zimbabwe government is to the American ambassador, who is black. From that article: … “U.S. [a]mbassador Harry K. Thomas[,] Jr.[] should “go and hang on a banana tree.”

It seems that the Zimbabwean government isn’t taking the United States very seriously. The comedy gold is farther down in the article when it mentions that “the United States now feeds roughly a quarter of Zimbabweans with “emergency food aid.” What that looks like is shown in this graph:

Zimbabwe’s ills are all self-inflicted, as are Venezuela’s (and most other places). They could feed themselves from their own efforts if they wanted to. But why bother if the United States is sending them all that free wheat? All the while, they abuse the American ambassador with racial epithets “that the Ku Klux Klan doesn’t even use anymore.” …

China is taking a different approach to Africa. The Chinese are loading up countries there with debt to pay for infrastructure projects. Giving Africa free food puts these countries in a better position to service their Chinese debt. …

The situation in Zimbabwe can’t go on forever, and so it won’t. One day the foreign wheat will stop arriving, and then a lot of Zimbabweans are going to starve to death. That day is inevitable. Continuing to feed them in the meantime means that there might be the perception that the United States owns the problem.