Pollster on US Shutdown: Democrats Have ‘Lost Control of Their Base’

Pollster on US Shutdown: Democrats Have ‘Lost Control of Their Base’, by Robert Kraychik.

“They have got themselves locked in on this question about DACA,” said [veteran pollster Pat Caddell], pointing to broad Democrat prioritization of pursuing legislative amnesty for illegal immigrants styled after the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.

Democrats will politically damage themselves by prioritizing pursuit of a DACA-style amnesty bill while neglecting border security, said Caddell. Widespread Democrat support for “sanctuary cities,” he added, is an unpopular position across the broader public.

“Yes, DACA itself is very popular, but so are the positions that Trump has laid out that also need to be part of any deal,” said Caddell. “Those are also popular. Sanctuary cities are not popular. Simply amnesty by itself is not popular. Most of all, protecting the border is popular, whether people like the idea of a wall or not.” …

Democrats can rely on broad support from the news media, said Caddell: “The mainstream media will portray this as Trump’s fault and the Republicans. They are nothing but an adjunct of the Democratic Party at this point. They’re an opposition party; they’re not a media. They’re not a press. They don’t do anything a press is supposed to do to serve the country. They’re all in the business of their own hostile narratives.”

Commenter Nana:

The democrats call us DEPLORABLES and the illegal alien invaders DREAMERS.

That comment says it all, really.

hat-tip Charles