CNN Poll Shows Amnesty Advocates Are Big Loser in Shutdown

CNN Poll Shows Amnesty Advocates Are Big Loser in Shutdown, by Neil Munro.

A CNN poll shows that the Democrats’ push for amnesty is the big loser in the government shutdown fight — and likely will hurt Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections. …

The poll shows that only the Democrats’ base supports their amnesty-before-budget push.

The CNN question is useful because it asks voters to pick priorities, not merely to express their feelings. For example, 96 percent of Democrats in the poll said they support the DACA amnesty, but only 49 percent say it more is important than passing a budget. The sudden drop shows how the DACA support is inflated by voters’ desire to be seen welcoming immigrants, and shrunken when voters must privately balance the costs of an amnesty against their own community’s circumstances. …

President Donald Trump is also wrapping the amnesty push around the Democrats’ necks:

Polls show that President Donald Trump’s American-first immigration policy is very popular.

Maybe Ann Coulter is correct, that immigration is the big issue in the US and voters have voted against it at every change in the last 20 years. I’m pretty sure it is a big issue in Australia too. The PC elite (votes) and the big end of town (cheap labor) have successfully suppressed any sentiment to curtail immigration for decades, but it’s out there.

hat-tip Charles