If a nation is defined by an idea, its people become irrelevant

If a nation is defined by an idea, its people become irrelevant. By Tucker Carlson. He neatly skewers the sheer stupidity of the new left’s immigration ideas, in under two minutes.

The new left seems to believe that the current populations of the West could be replaced by third world immigrants from “shithole” countries, and the West would remain essentially the same.

Even more amazingly, the new left believe that because the new people would vote  for them — the current people increasingly don’t because they are too deplorable — they would be in charge. Don’t be ridiculous. The newcomers will vote for themselves to be in charge, not some old white male lefties. Soon they would change the culture towards what they prefer — perhaps like where they came from?

A reader adapts a well-known saying:

You can take the boy out of the shithole, but …