Twitter Can’t Have a Debate, ‘They Have to Shut Down All Discussion’

Twitter Can’t Have a Debate, ‘They Have to Shut Down All Discussion’, by Colin Madine.

What James O’Keefe and Project Veritas captured are these Twitter employees [and] former Twitter employees speaking very frankly, very openly, because they’ve never had any consequences — they don’t understand that any other worldview than theirs exist — talking about the ways that they censor conservatives, drive conservative thought off their platform, various tricks they use, how embarrassing it would be if other people find out, how if an account is interested in God, guns, and America that it must be a Russian bot, so they drive them off the platform. It’s just mind-boggling stuff.

If I was to try to summarize it very briefly, what it boils down to is, one, them bragging about having systems and even artificial intelligence they’re developing to drive conservatives off the platform or making them very hard to track in terms of following people.

They talk about letting individual employees exercise their bias, like, ‘I don’t like Trump so if I see people that like Trump, I’m just going to ban them.’

But to just briefly touch on probably the most important thing for people to understand, because it’s the worst, is shadow banning. The idea of shadow banning is to make someone think they’re a perfectly normal account, tweeting out, when in reality it’s like they’re kind of shouting into a black hole. No one sees their tweets, their engagement craters, their retweets crater. They do this to normal people like you and I, and they do it to major personalities. Some of the big names on Twitter experience this, and they can show it on graphs. You can see the graph nosedive.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific