PC outrage reaches absurd levels at a NZ restaurant

PC outrage reaches absurd levels at a NZ restaurant, by the BBC.

A New Zealand restaurant has been accused of using mocking racial clichés on its menu.

Asian fusion restaurant Bamboozle in Christchurch features dishes with the names “Chirri Garrik an Prawn Dumpring” and “Ho Lee Kok”.

The restaurant has operated with the menu for two years, local reports said, but a picture was posted to Twitter by a social media user this week.

The restaurant said customers enjoyed the names as “part of the experience”.

Twitter alights, for example:

Some even took to leaving negative reviews of the restaurant on its Google page.

Comments Philip Barton:

When people don’t have real problems, they make them up. I saw my mother do just this in her declining years. I have observed it elsewhere and on many occasions. Inconsequential things like a trip to the hairdresser assumed the proportions of scaling Everest.

What these people need are real problems in order to get their worldview into focus.

Very soon, life will oblige them and all this silliness will blow away like dried leaves in a gust.