Gang violence looming as poll issue in swag of Victorian Labor seats

Gang violence looming as poll issue in swag of Victorian Labor seats, by Samantha Hutchinson.

Tarneit resident Arnav Sati has attracted more than 6000 signatures in just three days with a petition demanding the government fast-track changes to bail laws and give police more powers to immediately control thugs who commit violence on the street.

The IT analyst, who has lived in Melbourne’s west for more than 20 years, said the region ­always had crime issues, but the nature of offending had changed, with residents in the firing line of teen thugs.

“We’ve always had crime on the street, but it just feels as if it’s coming into our homes,” Mr Sati told The Australian.

“It’s just stressful around here. You come to your home to relax but there’s always stress when you drive from Tarneit home at night and whether you’ll be safe in your car, or whether it’s safe taking the dog to the park at night.”

Mr Sati says that politicians in Labor safe seats such as Tarneit have taken their positions for granted and have been unresponsive in addressing a crime issue and the growing fears for community safety amid home invasions and carjackings.

Reality will force Labor to act. Ideologues eventually bow to reality, it just takes a while.

hat-tip Stephen Neil