America’s Big Educational Problem

America’s Big Educational Problem, by Steve Sailer.

It’s almost as if America’s big educational problem is that it’s running out of white children … maybe the federal government should start a White Child Conservation and Breeding Program, like with condors and whooping cranes?

Schools are quietly re-segregating in the US.

Commenter Anonymous:

The real number of kids who are homeschooled — overwhelmingly white — isn’t revealed by the powers-that-be in federal and state education departments. Supposedly, homeschooled children represent three to four percent of total school-age children, but that number only includes children who have registered with their respective state government. …

My hunch — and it’s only a hunch — is that the real number of homeschooled children in the US is between seven to ten percent. … If about half of all schoolage kids are white, then the number of homeschooled white kids is an astounding 14 to 20 percent.

While on the theme of back-to-the-50s “progressive” politics, have you noticed that the logical conclusion of the sexual harassment #metoo movement is that western work forces will re-segregate by sex? No employer can risk being sued if “harassment” occurs on the workplace.