The Chilling of Free Speech Has Consequences

The Chilling of Free Speech Has Consequences, by Sarah Hoyt.

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend amid my progressive acquaintances.

They will sometimes go so far as to mutter about how the First Amendment should not protect people who say this or that — you know what I mean — usually speech they don’t like under various guises: racism, sexism, and other things ending in “ism” such as any flavor of conservatism and libertarianism (they’re oddly okay with communism. Go figure). I like to abbreviate this to “we’d like the First Amendment to exclude things that make us upset,” which might be unkind, but is certainly truthful.

But lately a smug and idiotic saying has shown up in those circles, “You’re allowed to say whatever you want to, so long as you take the consequences.” …

All the celebrities calling for the murder of the president should at least have an interview with men from some official agency to determine if they’re general purpose crazy or crazy with intent and malice, as well as ability.

This is not the same as your taking to Twitter to say something mean about Obama or even Obama’s wife, and having people track you down, determine where you work, then mob your company with phone calls to make sure you’re fired. …

If you never had to second guess yourself in a professional situation before you refer to current events for fear you’ll give away your political affiliation, you must be suffering from liberal privilege.

The left’s tendency to take disproportional and insane revenge for speech they don’t like has turned us into a nation of double-thinkers. At least half the nation and perhaps more (how much more? I don’t know and neither does the left because they don’t permit such people to admit to their affiliation) goes around pretending to be something they’re not. The deeper in the political closet — trust me, I lived there for years — the more these “sleepers” will look for a way to strike out: a way that can’t be traced. …

So I’ll just say this: the chilling of free speech has consequences.

One of the consequences is that you have no idea how many people are getting sick and tired of your despotism.