Suppression of Good News Is the Media’s Dirtiest Tactic. Here’s What They Missed Last Year.

Suppression of Good News Is the Media’s Dirtiest Tactic. Here’s What They Missed Last Year. By Steve Sheldon.

Here are headlines you won’t read in almost any major American newspaper, hear on any of the evening news programs, or see in your Yahoo “news” feed:

Dow Hits 87 Record Closes Since Trump Elected …

ISIS on the Run, Almost Completely Destroyed …

New Home Sales Highest in a Decade

Texas Hero Uses AR-15 to Save the Day …

Trump Donates One Million Dollars of His Own Money to Hurricane Victims

U.S. Economy Gains Over Six Trillion in New Capital

U.S. Senator Viciously Attacked by Deranged Socialist Neighbor

U.S. Economy Grows at 3% for First Time Since Bush Administration

Unemployment Rate Lowest in 17 Years

If Hillary was the president and the market were doing this well (I know, right?), Wolf Blitzer would be living on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. We would hear the bell ringing at the opening of every report, which would appear about every five minutes on CNN. Instead of reporting on the economic turnaround of the century, we see doctored reports about Donald Trump feeding fish or his “12-Diet Cokes-a-day” habit. …

Good news for conservatives or Republicans gets little, if any, time. When it actually does happen, it’s coupled with snarky comments that serve to undermine the good news. The press uses headlines like this when reporting what would otherwise be good news:

Dow Jones Hits All-Time High, Poor and Middle Class Benefit the Least

It’s like the old joke goes: If Trump walked on water, the press would report that he can’t swim.

Weaving the PC fantasies in order to grab power.