Average people who enjoy dwelling on the purported idiocy of Donald Trump

Average people who enjoy dwelling on the purported idiocy of Donald Trump, by Philip Greenspun.

Everyone in Trumpworld Knows He’s an Idiot” (nytimes) is interesting to me because of the thousands of comments. Average Americans (in terms of achievement; nytimes readers are obviously not average in their political sentiments) just love to savor the idea that they are much smarter than Donald Trump.

(Yet the supposedly vastly more intelligent Democrats selected as their best candidate a person who had funneled $2 billion, much of it from foreign governments, into a non-profit org controlled by her daughter?)

My Dad grew up in 1930s New York City where a common expression was “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” It is kind of interesting to me that this perspective has died out.

People who cash a $100,000/year W-2 paycheck and spend 10 percent of their after-tax earnings on alcohol (then waste the other 90 percent?) are convinced that a teetotaler billionaire is an “idiot.” …

I used to think that all of Donald Trump’s wealth came from inheritance plus S&P 500-style returns. But then I learned that he had four siblings and the siblings did not become notably wealthy nor are they on record as having given away a huge amount of wealth to charity. So unless Donald Trump’s father gave everything to him, rather than to, e.g., the sister, I think that the only reasonable conclusion is that Donald Trump actually did generate most of his current wealth.


Trump’s inheritance … was probably $40 million at the start … , in-addition he became the president of his father’s real estate company in1974. In 1982 Forbes estimated his net worth at $200 million. His sister was too busy with her law career to run the company, his older brother too drunk and his younger brother was a part of the Trump organization but not the president.

George A.:

Trump is not your average guy. Be it he inherited money or not, he was born with risk-taker and aggressive DNA.

Watch “The Choice 2016” and you will see how out-of-control he was at early age which is why his father put him into the “New York Military Academy”.

Those who think they are smarter than Trump, sure they are, but they don’t have the risk-taking and aggressiveness aptitude that he has — two important treats for successful people.


“There’s a lot of projection and identification with the Clinton’s who made their billions using their talent and smarts from their law degrees (never mind how questionable the Foundation is when it came to pay-for-play)”

It’s sad that even in the West the middle class bureaucrat mindset is to grow fat from corruption and bribes, and contemptible that they then turn around and pretend to be morally superior to the common man.