As Britain’s Health Care System Nears Collapse One Brave Doctor Speaks Out About the Real Reason: Migrants Gaming the System

As Britain’s Health Care System Nears Collapse One Brave Doctor Speaks Out About the Real Reason: Migrants Gaming the System, by Katie Hopkins.

Britain’s nationalized Health Service, the NHS, is close to collapse. … 50,000 operations will be cancelled in January to try to ease the pressure. …

The left championed welcoming refugees and open borders and now refuse to acknowledge that sheer numbers are the issue. Pro-migration news channels refuse to even challenge the medical establishment consensus that pensioners are to blame and staff have been bullied into silence by the hard left and the politics of health.

One general practitioner, “Jo”, talked anonymously to the author:

Jo is overwhelmed by the fact that new arrivals into the UK have worked out the welfare and immigration system in advance, and shamelessly use GPs to play it.

He looks at his work diary, filled back-to-back with people demanding sick notes formalizing reasons they cannot work. These people are clear about the time-period the note must cover and quick to anger if Jo fails to comply.

He tries to limit these sick notes to three months, but most insist on longer and refuse to leave until he gives them what they expect — permission not to work, or look for work.

He tells me he has been threatened repeatedly, both inside and outside work. One patient in his consulting room threatened to punch him; an angry patient told another GP colleague he would be “waiting for him outside at the end of his shift.”

Jo tells me this kind of story is repeated in doctors’ offices up and down the country wherever migrants live.

Migrants are gaming the immigration system by logging illnesses and conditions. They believe the more illnesses they accumulate on file, the stronger their claim to residence in the UK and the less likely they are to be turned away.

They visit the surgery repeatedly, accumulating conditions like credits to cash-in. And they know which conditions are impossible to disprove. …

Some even expect Jo to write a letter exempting them from the British citizenship test. Migrants have been advised that amenable doctors sympathetic to new arrivals will write a letter exempting them from sitting the test on the grounds they are not physically able to do so. …

Too often the person in front of him has completely failed to integrate, has made no effort to learn English, and clearly has no intention of trying to meet the standard required. Instead, they expect him to write them a doctor’s note to bypass the process.

A comparison with the natives:

[Jo] compares two patients. One is an elderly gentleman who lost a limb during the D-Day landings in Normandy.

When he comes in for his appointment, his wife comes too, because otherwise he won’t say just how bad it is.

“I’m doing well, can’t complain, feeling good,” says the elderly man, all stiff upper lip and wanting to please.

His wife tells Jo that they have both been up all night, fighting to keep breath in his body, both certain he would drown because of fluid in his lungs.

Then Jo tells me of a recently arrived migrant, well coached by family and friends to game the system, already collecting conditions and notes on file, making continual demands.

“They know what they want: referrals, that consultant, this specialist, that medication,” says Jo. “And they are determined to get it.”

Most Brits, he says, understand that resources are limited and therefore there are waiting lists, and some services are no longer provided — varicose vein treatment, for example, except in the most dire of circumstances.

But recent arrivals will not even entertain this reality. They believe healthcare is not only their right, but is somehow owed to them on arrival despite never having paid into the system — as is campaigning for sick notes to avoid ever having to work. …

Toxic PC:

Jo can’t speak out at work. His colleagues appear to have signed up to the accepted view that migration is good, Brexit is bad, and pensioners are to blame. There is curious militancy inside this organization designed to care. …

He says there are legions of NHS-insiders, from management to GPs to nursing staff, who know that the real threat to the NHS is the sheer numbers resulting from recent migration. No system can take an annual population growth of half a million people a year from sustained migration and expect to cope, he explains.

And that’s if you try to convince yourself immigration figures are anything close to accurate. After the horrific fire that destroyed a towering block of council flats in London — Grenfell Tower — the discrepancy between actual resident numbers and estimated resident numbers, swollen by illegals, was stark.

Invisible people died because on paper they did not exist.

But doctors cannot speak out.

Instead, their voices are silenced. Silenced by peer pressure from colleagues, silenced by messaging from the union and the Royal College, and failed by management who cannot be honest about the problem because it is not politically expedient to do so. …

Bottom line:

British people are being forced out of their health service — which they fund and have funded all their lives — by recently arrived immigrants — many of whom have contributed nothing but are prepared to force themselves to the front of the queue and demand priority treatment.

Another left-wing car crash of which no-one will dare speak (until now).

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