Western women turn a blind eye to Iranian struggle

Western women turn a blind eye to Iranian struggle, by Caroline Overington.

Show us a woman in Sydney who wants to cover her hair or swim behind a modesty curtain, you’ll have Western women ­fighting and writing for her right to so do.

Show us a woman standing bravely without her hijab on a street corner in Tehran?



Why does the West insist on showing off its support for hijabs and burkas on Muslim women in the West, but not for women who yearn to be free in the Middle East?

They are politically correct, following the line in our media that “Muslims are good,” which really translates to “white men are bad”. Our Sydney women got the message that they can signal their virtue by doing what the left instructs. The left and Islam are currently allies in tearing down Western civilization, and it’s all about power.

This week’s protests in Iran have been extraordinary for the bravery of women, many of them acting alone. The most famous image, thus far, is of a young woman standing on a bollard, or box — it’s not clear in the image — by the side of the road. She has removed her hijab and she is waving it at the end of a rod.

The picture of this woman — the Hijabless Woman, as she has been dubbed — belongs on the front page of every newspaper in the world. She is braver than a lion. She is standing in defiance of religious clerics, including the ­Supreme Leader in the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose brutality knows no bounds.

The hijab is compulsory in Iran. They forced it on women in the late 1970s, at the same as the regime took agency from women. Protests began almost immediately but the pushback was fierce, and all women and girls are now forced to endure the humiliation of allowing others to dress them in the morning.

Those women who are protesting against the hijab are standing against their repression, the ­ignominy of being told what to do, and where to go, and how to act. …

Islam is a totalitarian political ideology, far more than just a religion. It dictates behavior in every aspect of life. Like communism, which is leftism on steroids, it is the opposite of freedom.

Islam is also deeply, intrinsically sexist:

The dumbest ox of a man in Iran has basic rights. He has freedom. He can work and travel. The smartest woman lives under the threat of the rod. …

Iranian activist Darya Safai, who is in self-imposed exile, put it best on Twitter this week: “The veil in general is not an innocent piece of clothing. It is a symbol of discrimination.”

In case you missed it, see Caroline Glick’s article from a few days ago.

hat-tip Stephen Neil