The Basic Mistake of the War on Whiteness

The Basic Mistake of the War on Whiteness, by commenter nebulafox over at Steve Sailer’s.

The general position of liberal ideology is that as whites decrease as a proportion of the American populace — and presumably decrease in political heft — they will leave “whiteness” behind and essentially all become good postmodern cosmopolitans, embracing their new lack of power — all at a time where socioeconomic standards are declining for the majority of Americans who haven’t bridged the gap to the upper-middle class. …

There is absolutely zero precedence for this in multi-ethnic societies in the past when this has occurred.

Plenty of evidence of the opposite occurring, that the aforementioned demographic increasingly acts more as a cohesive political block, and is more problematic to deal with rather than less.

This should shock nobody with the most rudimentary understanding of human nature. Basic human nature doesn’t care about your feelings, historical injustices, or political correctness. At all. How a bunch of extremely well-educated progressives with doctorates can miss what a 10 year old can intuitively grasp never ceases to fascinate me, and always is a good example of how ideology can blind people-and often blinds intellectuals, as a class, more than anybody.

Leftist leaders nowadays are blinded by their proximity to power and personal luxury. “It’s different this time.” Sure.