Don’t fear death: China’s Xi Jinping urges military

Don’t fear death: China’s Xi Jinping urges military, by AFP.

President Xi Jinping has issued a blunt call for China’s military to be ready for war and unafraid to die defending the country, as geopolitical tensions mount in Asia.

Mr Xi’s exhortation to the world’s largest fighting force, parts of which were revealed only yesterday, came during a rare address by the leader to the country’s entire military. …

Since taking office in 2012, Mr Xi has pushed for a muscular China, including calls in October to develop a “world-class” army by 2050. China’s neighbours have watched warily as the PLA has upgraded its arsenal with sophisticated weaponry and sought to create a more effective and professional fighting force.

When was the last time you heard western leaders exhorting their soldiers to be prepared for death? Early 1940s, I expect. I’m sure I have never heard an Australian leader say anything of the sort in my lifetime. This does not bode well.

hat-tip Stephen Neil