China rolls out fast-track visa program for ‘high-end’ expats

China rolls out fast-track visa program for ‘high-end’ expats, by RT.

Ever fancied living in China? The government is now making it easier for foreigners to do so – but only if you’re a Nobel laureate, a scientist, entrepreneur or another ‘high-end’ expat.

The Chinese government has begun rolling out new fast-track visas for desirable “high-end talent,” the South China Morning Post reports. The plans are designed to encourage specialists in fields such as science and business to relocate to and stay in the country.

Other high-end talent include chief or deputy editors in Chinese state media, foreign coaches and players in national and provincial sports teams, postdoctoral students from world-class universities outside China, and foreigners who earn at least six times the average annual wage in China.

Hey, no Islamic “refugees” from the Middle East for these guys. Despite being run by a nominally “communist” party, the Chinese government is not befuddled by some of the tropes of western political correctness — such as the blank slate nonsense, or that all largish groups of people have identical  statistical properties. No, they want the  best because they know it matters. We’ll take the best and you take the rest.

Or maybe it’s just that they are not a democracy, where one side knows that nearly all the immigrants from the third world will vote for them? In their lust for power, western leftists seem to be quite happy with replacing the native white populations of the west.

hat-tip Stephen Neil