Teens assaulted, homes invaded in ‘horrendous’ crime spree in Melbourne’s west, police say

Teens assaulted, homes invaded in ‘horrendous’ crime spree in Melbourne’s west, police say, by the ABC.

Police are searching for a number of young African men after two teens were attacked and two homes were broken into during a four-hour rampage in Melbourne’s western suburbs overnight. …

Police said the crime spree began about 9:30pm on Thursday when a 17-year-old boy in Taylors Hill was ambushed and hit with what appeared to be a baseball bat after refusing a demand for his things.

The boy was then dragged along the ground before the offenders fled in the waiting car.

In a second incident two hours later, four males smashed a glass door at a house in Hillside before striking a 59-year-old woman and forcing her to sit in her front room, while ten other males ransacked her house.

Shortly afterwards a 16-year-old boy walking along the street was knocked to the ground and kicked and punched by a group of males in Cairnlea.

In the final incident, about 12:30am, three males smashed a window and broke into a home in Delahey, before being chased out when the occupants of the house armed themselves, police said. …

Commander Barrett said the victims of last night’s crimes had all described the offenders as “African youth”.

A reader writes:

These Africans are behaving appallingly. The police, politicians, and bureaucrats have been utterly useless because they’ve been desperate to appear PC. What a price the community is having to pay for that! Why can’t someone grow some balls/commonsense and start speaking the truth in public about this issue?