The Fractal Wrongness of Leftist Ideology

The Fractal Wrongness of Leftist Ideology, by Linda Goudsmit.

Fractal wrongness is the state of being wrong at every conceivable scale of resolution — the person’s entire worldview is wrong. The political Left has decided that anyone who disagrees with their platform of political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism is fractally wrong. Fractal wrongness explains why the Left views the entire worldview of conservatives as wrong, deplorable, and contemptible.

Leftism, like any orthodoxy, has embraced its tenets with religious zealotry and a tyrannical demand for conformity that ignores obvious contradictions in its own narrative. Leftists, who pride themselves on being tolerant, are hypocritically intolerant of anyone who embraces a world view that differs from their own. Leftist faux tolerance only tolerates those who look different — it does not tolerate those who think differently. This presents a philosophical inconsistency that Leftism solves with Leftist Newspeak, the official language of the Left. …

Leftist Newspeak is the language of opposites that imitates “taqiyyah” — deliberately lying or obfuscating to further Islam. The Islamic world understands the word “peace” to mean when all the world is Islamic. The Western world understands the word “peace” to mean pluralism, tolerance, and the absence of conflict. Leftist Newspeak interprets “peace” as manifest when all the Western world embraces Leftism. Taqiyyah and Leftist Newspeak share an intentional replacement of one set of meanings for another. Leftist Newspeak is the language of contronyms.

A contronym is a word with two opposite meanings. The word “sanction” is a contronym that can mean to ratify or its opposite to penalize. The word “oversight” can mean to supervise or its opposite to overlook. Speaking the ambiguous language of opposites can be very misleading politically because words matter.

Barack Obama deliberately transformed standard English from Oldspeak to Newspeak and made Leftist Newspeak the official language in America during his eight year anti-American, pro-Muslim, pro-socialist tenure. The years of Obama’s administration were the years of language ambiguity. Americans are still bewildered by the use of language that no longer means what it used to mean. Leftist “tolerance” means intolerance because it does not tolerate differing ideas. Leftist “free speech” means hate speech because it does not tolerate opposition speech. …

Obama’s “hope and change” was Newspeak for the radical socialism codified in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Obama’s Leftist intention to destroy the capitalist infrastructure of American democracy and replace it with socialism requires acceptance of the Leftist assumption that the current capitalist infrastructure of the Constitution/democracy needs to be replaced. …

The new religion of the leftist state:

Leftist socialism has rejected the authority of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and substituted its own political ideology as the new religion and source of authority for millennials in America.

Once Leftism was embraced as a religious ideology there was no longer any requirement for facts or objective reality because religion is faith based and not discredited by factual inconsistencies, glaring ambiguities, or the absence of verifiable proof. Leftism had freed itself from the confines of rational scrutiny and could unapologetically proselytize its tenets of political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism.

Islam and leftism have a lot in common:

Leftism is a religion disguised as a socio-political movement. Islam is a socio-political movement disguised as a religion. Both are tyrannical totalitarian movements demanding cultish conformity to their tenets. Both are using the language of contronyms to solidify their base and confuse the opposition. Both are determined to destroy America from within and take control of the country. …

Leftist Newspeak and Islamic taqiyyah are political attempts to disguise the seditious Leftist/Islamist goal of overthrowing Constitutionally elected President Donald Trump. President Trump is very aware of both deceitful languages and intentionally uses his Twitter account to bypass the mainstream media and speak directly to America in the clarity of Oldspeak.

President Trump is the target of vicious personal attacks for using Twitter because the frantic Leftist mainstream media is no longer able to control the political narrative using its preferred Leftist Newspeak.

Your choice:

Leftism and Islamism are both supremacist ideologies that will necessarily battle each other for control. So, here are the choices facing America today. Do Americans want to live as slaves in a secular Orwellian society ruled by the Leftist political elite? Do Americans want to live in a religious Islamic theocracy ruled by imams and Islamic supremacist sharia law? Do Americans want to preserve and protect their individual freedoms and liberty guaranteed by the wisdom of our Founding Fathers in our Constitution?

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific