Chinese State Media: Millennial-Oriented Communist Propaganda Failing for ‘Zen Generation’

Chinese State Media: Millennial-Oriented Communist Propaganda Failing for ‘Zen Generation’, by Frances Martel.

China’s government-run newspaper Global Times complained in a piece published Tuesday that millennials of the “Zen generation” are “indifferent” to communism, a sign that Xi Jinping’s efforts to impose Marxist ideology on young Chinese people are failing.

“They are not inspired by any patriotic drive or the Party’s political catchphrases. They are simply indifferent,” the Global Times laments. …

“People who call themselves Zen-generation, either seriously or half-jokingly, are seemingly fine with anything that happens to them,” the article notes, suggested that these individuals refuse to put effort into anything, including work and relationships. …

These millennials “reject a bustling and competitive society and instead choose to practice patience, tolerance and inner peacefulness.”

The Chinese Communist Youth League has identified this as a threat and a “total tragedy.” …

The article is a rare admission of failure for the Chinese government, though the piece does argue that the “Zen generation” youths are a “minority” compared to zealous communists. Yet China has become a nation with more Christians than Communist Party members, where the Communist Youth League is forced to remind young people that Christmas is “China’s day of shame” while banning party members from believing in any religion at all.

The inner revolt against authoritarianism. You can control our circumstances, but you cannot make us want to sign on to your agenda.

hat-tip Stephen Neil