Give us the tools to tackle terror

Give us the tools to tackle terror, by David Flint.

Decades ago, immigrants were carefully chosen with the expectation that they would assimilate and contribute to the Commonwealth as loyal Australians. Vast numbers were honoured to swear the oath of allegiance, with Australians welcoming them and treating them as equals. There was little discrimination by old Australians, notwithstanding subsequent untruths invented by extremists with an agenda to destroy our institutions and our values.

Propelled by the lie that Australians were practising serious discrimination against immigrants, a multicultural myth was gradually imposed, based on a proposition so ridiculous that its falsity is glaringly obvious to all but the elites. This is that all cultures are equal and that our extraordinarily successful and advanced Australian culture is not only one of these, but implicitly inferior. The falsity of this is demonstrated by reference to just one imported cultural practice: female genital mutilation. And that is only one example; there are many more. The fact is that the pillars of our nation have made us one of the most advanced cultures in the world. Indeed, that is why so many seek to come here.

Some delinquent politicians have even used immigration for political purposes to acquire votes …

In the meantime, as with just about every other irrational neo-Marxist doctrine, politicians across the spectrum gradually succumbed to the pressure from the usual inner-city elites with whom they mix and the commentariat from whom they receive guidance to declare themselves avid multiculturalists. Soon citizenship would be being delivered like confetti at a wedding, with the solemn oath of allegiance abolished.

hat-tip Stephen Neil