Enlightenment of little interest to most Muslims

Enlightenment of little interest to most Muslims, by Jennifer Oriel.

The coming year will be defined by our capacity to resist the free world’s dual ­enemies, communism and Islamism. …

Hamas called for an intifada after the US decided to move its embassy to Jerusalem. North Korea’s communist dictator Kim Jong-un threatened nuclear holocaust and China ­allegedly enabled its old comrade by shipping oil in defiance of trade sanctions. Again, the rules-based international order was ­upheld by a minority of states while Islamist and communist ­regimes behaved as lawless actors on the world stage. …

The West is losing the battle for universal ­enlightenment. … Research published during the past decade demonstrates widespread rejection of efforts to introduce ­liberal democracy to the Islamic world. For example, the Pew ­Research Centre found that after a decade of US and ­coalition military action against terrorism in ­Afghanistan, 99 per cent of Muslims favoured making sharia the official law in their country. In Iraq, the figure was 91 per cent.

Opposition to liberal democracy is imported into the West by mass immigration programs that do not require adherence to Western values as a condition of citizenship. During the past decade, numerous surveys have found that between 20 and 50 per cent of Muslims living in Western countries want to be governed by sharia.

Even to say it is to point out how stupid our leaders’ policies are:

Despite the preference of many Islamic populations for theocracy over liberal democracy, Western leaders continue to contend liberty can be imposed by vast and exorbitant foreign policy ­interventions. The war on terror has become such a program.

hat-tip Stephen Neil