Why Are Accused Sexual Harassers Overwhelmingly on the Left?

Why Are Accused Sexual Harassers Overwhelmingly on the Left? By Avner Zarmi.

While there has been plenty of sleaze to go around, as the cases of Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and possibly Roy Moore all indicate, such cases among figures of the Left seem to outnumber those on the Right by at least a factor of ten to one, and therein lies the problem.

“Free love” has been a feature of the revolutionary Left as long as there has been a revolutionary Left. The Communist Manifesto recommends the abolition of the family, and advocates that any resultant children be raised as wards of the state. In other words, the current “rule” that there are no rules is a creature of the Left, an artifact of the growing secularization of Western society. …

First, let us please acknowledge that men and women are not interchangeable pieces in some vast social board game. They simply aren’t. …

“Sex” is a biological imperative; “gender” a mere grammatical category that may or may not have any relationship to sex. … So let’s return to calling things by their proper names instead of euphemisms; we are discussing sex, not gender.

Now, one of the manifold differences between men and women — for our purpose, the single most important one — is what constitutes sexual stimuli. Normal, heterosexual men are “hard-wired,” as it were, to respond in certain ways to certain stimuli; if you don’t believe this, there is a multi-billion-dollar male-centered pornographic industry that depends upon it. Every attempt to foster such an industry based on similar stimuli for women has foundered because women are different. This “hard-wired” response does not mean that every man is a pig and rapist; it can be controlled. But it does mean that it has to be acknowledged and taken into account, by reasonable modesty of feminine dress, as well as by traditional rules of social engagement, of which the much-ridiculed “Pence rule” is a common-sense variety.

There are, in reality, virtually no fields in which promotions and pay raises legitimately depend on alcohol-fueled tête-à-têtes. The one possible exception is the entertainment industry.

In no other field does one find such a concentration of young, attractive, ambitious women seeking the patronage and help of powerful producers, directors, and stars, many of whom happen to be male. Actresses have always had a certain reputation, and the casting couch is an old story. Hence, the number of abuses that have surfaced as “open secrets” in movies and television should not be surprising. However, in these cases, the question of who, precisely, is exploiting whom should be kept in mind. …

What is needed, in other words, is a rejection of cultural Marxism and the accompanying pseudo-science that suggests “gender” is a social construct and a matter of choice. We must return to the rational and sane view that traditional social conventions arise from the biological imperative.

Well, framing marriage as about equality rather than reproduction didn’t help.