Poll: Russians Favor Family Over Career

Poll: Russians Favor Family Over Career, by Vera Reid.

For 32 percent, polled by the Public Opinion Foundation, success is the happiness of the family, for 27 percent – material well-being, for 20 –a good job, for 6 – career, for 5 – self-realization.’

The ‘career’ has lost its golden pedestal”- comments the managing director of the FOM Larysa Pautova. – And with it, the era of the manifestation of extreme individualism is shifting. …

Sociologists hypothesize that one of the reasons that that Russians put less weight on the high status of career options and material growth, simply because amid Russia’s ongoing economic crisis, achieving material prosperity is pretty difficult. …

But that begets the question: Have Russia’s economic difficulties contributed to the country’s moral awakening?

What if an economically harder life creates a more morally beneficial environment, more so than a life that consists of gorging on comfort and pleasure?

Perhaps, in less comfortable circumstances, people are less blinded by the fluff of material prosperity and are more likely regain their senses and realize what, ultimately, is truly important in life.

hat-tip Stephen Neil