Robert Mugabe exits with mansion, staff, first-class travel

Robert Mugabe exits with mansion, staff, first-class travel, by Aislinn Laing.

Robert Mugabe has been given a lavish retirement package that includes first-class air travel, a multimillion-dollar mansion, private health insurance and numerous staff.

Zimbabwe’s ousted president will also have a fully staffed private office, bodyguards and chauffeur-driven cars likely to cost the impoverished country tens of thousands of dollars each year.

His wife, Grace, whose corruption and venality was blamed for bringing about the collapse of her 93-year-old husband’s career, will be allowed to keep most of the perks after he dies. …

Yesterday the chief of the armed forces who led the military takeover was sworn in as deputy to President Mnangagwa. … Several senior military figures have been given prominent roles in cabinet, prompting dismay because Mr Mnangagwa had promised a clean sweep after Mr Mugabe’s long rule.

Critics said that Mr Mugabe’s retirement package was a further sign that nothing had changed, and that it would ultimately benefit Mr Mnangagwa too.