Anti-Muslim “Diversity Bollards” Are No Substitute for a Border Wall

Anti-Muslim “Diversity Bollards” Are No Substitute for a Border Wall, by John Derbyshire.

Having won the Presidency on a promise to secure our southern border, Trump could have got the job done by summer. Israel’s 400-mile security fence around the West Bank was built in a comparable span of time, and the U.S.A. has far more resources than Israel. …

Instead we just get these occasional picayune news stories about “prototypes” for the wall. We’re trying out this, we’re trying out that … but, quote, “any meaningful construction is still at least 10 months away, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials said.”

That was in late October. Ten months on would be August 2018; and this is a government official talking, so you can take that ten months with a grain of salt.

Most likely we’ll be heading into the midterms — two years on from Trump’s election victory — with no wall at all.

Imagine going in to the midterms with a great big beautiful wall, paid for by a tax on remittances from Mexicans living in the States. Imagine the satisfaction of those of us who voted for Trump in 2016, and the enthusiasm that satisfaction would translate into — enthusiasm to vote for midterm candidates Trump supports.

Instead, what did we get? A tax bill. As best I can figure from the news reports, the Derbs will be better off by some sum of money between two and four hundred dollars a year.

I don’t care. …

Chain migration is fundamentally transforming the USA:

For Democrats, ending chain migration would mean the annihilation of their next cohort of voters.  … The mechanics of chain migration — that colossal multiplier effect — are poorly understood by the general public, and the Opposition Party intends to keep it that way. …

Amnesty for the DACA illegals without an end to chain migration, would mean that today’s 800,000 would swell to eight million early in the next decade, to eighty million by mid-century. A successful propaganda effort on that would involve getting the electorate to do mental arithmetic … so forget it.