Looking Ahead to Trump’s Year Two

Looking Ahead to Trump’s Year Two, by Bruce Thornton.

Next year Trump will still be facing Category 5 headwinds. The “resistance” of the left will continue, as evident in its hysterical hyperbole and lies over the tax reform bill, and their stream of Breaking! Fake News! followed by sullenly muttered corrections.

For sure, some of the starch has been taken out of the left by the sexual assault scandals roiling leftist media, entertainment, and politicians. …

No matter what happens, Dems will still be desperate, angry, and bitter over Trump’s victory, though their addiction to beclowning themselves with their lunatic antics is a daily reminder of what most voters don’t like about them.

More important, the blue “deep state” –– the federal and state agencies and judgeships crammed with progressive operatives –– will continue to subvert the law and upset the Constitution’s balance of powers. The FBI and DOJ have been politicized by a cabal of ideological activists, as Robert Mueller’s fishing expedition disguised as an investigation shows. …

Trump needs to focus less on tweet-spats with his enemies, and more on laying out his achievements. We all enjoy it when he slaps around the pompous, self-important hypocrites like Elizabeth Warren or Kirsten Gillibrand. Most normal people get that manners and decorum are useless against bare-knuckled street-fighters like the Dems. We like someone who fights back and follows Obama’s “Chicago way” –– if they bring a knife, we bring a gun. Especially after a decade of Republican preemptive cringing and tacit endorsement of leftist smears like “racism” and “sexism,” Trump’s crude insults are as fun and gratifying as watching Bruce Willis kill his way up the hierarchy of euro-thugs in “Die Hard.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil