Schools are now the breeding grounds for radicalizing kids into transgender activists

Schools are now the breeding grounds for radicalizing kids into transgender activists, by Mark Hodges.

U.S. schools are intentionally promoting transgenderism to children, putting “Gender” studies alongside reading, writing, and arithmetic.

The New York Times reports that schools like Puget Sound in Seattle are making “gender studies” a featured part of the curriculum.

“…schools like Puget Sound are altering their policies to include transgender kids and, more broadly, to make gender a deliberate part of the curriculum. Students are leading the way, driving schools to adopt more inclusive teaching methods,” the Times wrote. …

Homosexuality and transgender sex-ed starts in kindergarten, with “lessons about the range of gender identities.” Schools make sure to spotlight students who have declared themselves to be transgender.

One school gave a fifteen-year-old biological girl a featured spot in the all-school assembly to declare to impressionable fellow-pubescents, “I’ve come to the decision that I’m non-binary, which means that I’m not a boy or a girl.”

In lockstep with political correctness, the girl asked the entire school population to refer to her as “They,” and asked that all students designate their preferred pronouns whenever introducing themselves. As if on script, she also said she needed her own gender-neutral bathroom.

Children are being taught that one’s biology is determined by individual decision. And the government is using tax dollars to push this gender insanity on kids.

Which is why we need school vouchers — to get their hands off our kids.