‘There is no room for them on this Earth’

‘There is no room for them on this Earth’, by The Australian.

Pope Francis has likened the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem to the migrations of millions of people today who are forced to leave homelands for a better life, or just for survival.

In his Christmas Eve remarks, he expressed hope that no one will feel “there is no room for them on this Earth.”

This is essentially the heretical Vatican II doctrine of the anonymous Christian — that everyone is a Christian, even if they do not know it. In other words there is no need for Muslims or anyone else to become Christian — we are all Christian by virtue of our shared humanity.

The book of Exodus, in the old testament, makes it fairly clear the Jews of Egypt were God’s chosen people. They were guided out of Egypt, to Israel, famously crossing the parted Red Sea as the armies of the Pharaoh pursued them. The other tribes around them were not Christian, were not God’s chosen people. Anyone can become a Christian by accepting the Christian God and his son into their lives, but Muslims are definitely not Christians.

Is this Pope really Catholic – or just socialist?