PC mob kept dreaming of a cruel Christmas

PC mob kept dreaming of a cruel Christmas, by Nick Cater.

The spirit of Christmas has survived another year, much to the annoyance of its critics.

Mindful of the forbearance one should show in this season of goodwill, we should not dwell on their miserablist, misanthropic intolerance of a festival that ordinary people enjoy. Let us reflect instead on the pain they must feel as the rest of us celebrate almost everything they hold contemptible.

“It’s impossible to ‘do’ Christmas without running into one patriarchal construct after another,” writes Latham Hunter, professor of cultural studies and communications at McMaster University in Canada.

She has a point. After all, the festival is named after Him with a capital H, and the Trinity, while virtuous in many ways, is somewhat lacking in gender diversity, even if a question mark remains over the nature of the Holy Ghost. …

Once you have abolished religion and consumerism, and made a concerted attempt to kill off the traditional family, what do you celebrate as you sit around the table with your significant other picking at a vegan feast of lentil and potato rostis with shredded beetroot dressed with dill and horseradish mustard?

hat-tip Stephen Neil