How Christmas Has Shaped Our History and Values

How Christmas Has Shaped Our History and Values, by Robert Kraychik.

“Christmas is essential to our understanding of Western Civilization and our values,” said Breitbart News’s Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour on Sunday. …

Reflecting on “the dawn of Christianity,” she noted Christianity’s “transformative” impact on the old pagan world and the culture of Germanic barbarian warrior tribes.

Chivalry – rooted in ethical monotheism – spread the concept of valuing all human life as having dignity, said Mansour:

Chivalry was introduced to Western feudalism [via Christianity]. It made feudalism actually livable and bearable. What chivalry called for, what the concept of chivalry was, it was about the defense of the weak. It said that the strong had to be champions of the right and the good against injustice and evil. That was the code of chivalry.

This only came about because of the Judeo-Christian West, and I say Judeo-Christian for a very specific reason; all of this is rooted in the ancient Jewish scripture, what the Christians would call the Old Testament. You can see it right from the beginning. The God of the Old Testament, the God of Jewish scripture instructs that every single human being has worth and dignity — even the foreigner, even somebody outside of your tribe, even the widow and the orphan. They all have worth and value — the weakest among you as well as the strong. This is a radical concept, and it is from the Jews that we have monotheism, and it is from that that Christianity evolved. …

The ubiquity of depictions of the Madonna and Child as “the highest expression of art” in European countries, said Mansour, vividly illustrates Christianity’s transformation of the “Viking-type” “warrior tribe” cultures that valued only the strong and worshipped war gods. People who once subscribed to an ethos of “might makes right” had transitioned to a civilization that elevated the image of a woman holding a child to preeminence in their artistic expressions. …

Christian symbolism — particularly pertaining to the Christmas-themed image of the Madonna and Child — played an indispensable role in rallying Christian forces to victory against Islamic enemies in determinative battles, said Mansour. Pointing to the Battles of Vienna (1683) and Warsaw (1920) as examples, she noted the centrality of Christian symbolism to the war efforts of European nations in defending against Islamic and communist invasions, respectively. …

“We would all be in mosques today” if not for Christianity and Christmas as galvanizing forces among Western societies against hostile Islamic societies, said Bannon. …

The migration of tens of millions of Muslims to Europe in recent decades, said Bannon, is an existential threat to Europe and modern iteration of aforementioned civilization conflict between Western and Islamic societies: “The entire situation with this mass migration and refugee situation, which is really, there is no doubt, is starting to destroy Europe.”

The realization that Christianity is an integral part of our civilization, vital for political reasons, is spreading among those who aren’t active Christians.

A reader writes:

There is definitely an increase in interest in Christianity I think. Mabe I’m wrong; but it seems the Muslim invasion in Europe and their attacks have made a difference. It’s ignored by the MSM of course, but then the change in ordinary people’s opinions that led to Brexit etc. was ignored, and just because they either can’t or won’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Philip Barton:

When sides are being clearly delineated, then people will choose the side that most aligns with their values. There can be no doubt that many Europeans, particularly in Russia and East Europe in general, are beginning to identify more strongly with Christianity.

I know at a personal level, that I would never have expressed pro-Christian views, even five years ago – apart from vaguely acknowledging their positive role in the shaping of the West. Now? I see it as an ideological war and I am against Islam. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I also make a point of talking with Christians when I can and making sure that they get that it is an ideological war. They can tend to woolly thinking. A word in the right ear can spread very quickly.

A nascent fightback has started and there is nothing that our Quisling media and politicians can do to stop it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil